Cops n' Robbers

Escape a high security prison.
Guard your prisoners.

With Cops n' Robbers...

Be the Cop

As the cop, it is your job to make sure your prisoners do not escape. Let them out, let them wander, let them have fun, but always be in control. You never know what they are plotting...

Be a Robber

As a robber you must escape the prison. With the help of your fellow inmates, you must devise an escape plan. Pretend to follow the cop's orders, but always be ready to run for freedom.

Play in a Prison

Cops n' robbers is set in a massive prison. With rows of cells for prisoners, heaps of rooms to explore and an obstacle filled path to freedom, prison has never been this much fun.


Cops and robbers is a Minecraft Minigame by Podcrash. The game set in a prison and played with one cop and a group of robbers (prisoners). The cop tells the robbers what to do, anything from making them go to the mess hall to eat, to going to the showers. The robbers must obey and do as he says, or be punished. However, while doing so, the robbers must also find the way to escape without the cop getting too suspicious.

Cops and robbers gives you the thrill of escaping a prison, or the fun of telling others what to do.

- Minecraft User

Cops n' Robbers features...




Warden's Office

Solitary Confinment

Huge Map


Cops n' Robbers

Download cops and robbers, and enjoy escaping from prison.


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