Instant Massive Structures

Building in Minecraft has never been easier.

With Instant Massive Structures...


Gather resources to craft structure placing blocks. Each structure-placer neads only a few simple items to be crafted, and the results are amazing. Building structures has never been easier.


Once crafted, place down your structure block and right click it Stand back, and get ready, because in under a second, a massive, detailed structure will form in front of your eyes.


Instant Massive Structures is perfect for building vast, detailed Minecraft worlds.  From buildings to boats, planes to castles, pyramids to skyscrapers, Instant Massive Structures has it all.


The Instant Massive Structures mod is exactly as it sounds. You can craft a structure-placing block, put it on the ground, and a massive structure will instantly be generated in front of your eyes. All you need to do is craft the shape of your structure with related minecraft items.


You can use Instant Massive Structures to expand your Minecraft world with a variety of detailed, easy to make structures. You can can create maps in half the time with a set of pre-made structures. Whatever you want to do, Instant Massive Structres will help you get it done in less than a second.

Instant Massive Structures is a really fun and useful mod.

- Minecraft User

You can build...


Air Balloon




Many More

Instant Massive Structures 2


Instant Massive Structures

Download the Instant Massive Structures mod, and enjoy placing structures.

Minecraft Forge

Download Minecraft Forge, required for the Instant Massive Structures mod.


Download Minecraft from the official site, and enjoy using mods.

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