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1.3 Luck Crafting

Certain items can affect the Luck property of a Lucky Block when placed in a crafting table together with a Lucky Block. The Luck property is used to determine how 'lucky' a Lucky Block is, affecting the probability of certain functions when a Lucky Block is harvested. Luck ranges from -100 to 100, negative values increasing the probability of unwanted functions, positive values increasing the probability of rewarding functions. These items are specified in the luck_crafting.txt file.



The IDs of items that can be crafted with a Lucky Block to change its Luck can be specified, each on a separate line, as well as the amount of Luck each item will add or subtract. By default, there are many items that can affect the Luck of a Lucky Block in both a positive and negative way. Item names follow standard Minecraft block and item IDs.


This will cause a diamond to increase the Luck of a Lucky Block by 12 when both are placed together in a crafting table.


Similarly, this will cause a spider eye to decrease the Luck of a Lucky Block by 10.


Adding a colon and number after the item will specify the damage of the item. In this example, a puffer-fish (which has the ID of a fish but damage of 3) will subtract 20 Luck from the Lucky Block. Only a Puffer fish will subtract 20 Luck, other types of fish with the same ID will not. Finally, there is no limit on the amount of items which can be specified to add or subtract Luck. Note that when placing the multiple Luck-affecting items in a crafting table with a Lucky Block, the final Luck will be the total of the Luck added and/or subtracted by every item.



emerald_block=80 skull:1=-50 gold_ingot=6 rotten_flesh=-5

In the example above, and emerald block will add 80 Luck, a wither skull (note the damage of 1) will subtract 50, a gold ingot will add 6 and rotten flesh will subtract 5.

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