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1.3 Natural Generation

1.4 Natural Generation

The Lucky Block can generate naturally in the Minecraft world. It also has the ability to generate in both the nether and the end. This generation can be configured in natural_gen.txt. Every entry in the file is a standard Lucky Block drop (See 2. Drop Properties), and therefore the file is very similar to drops.txt. However, these drops will occur naturally within the world rather than as the result of harvesting a Lucky Block. Also, while it is not a requirement, the file should only contain drops that place Lucky Blocks in the world. This includes either directly placing a Lucky Block or using a custom structure. Lastly, the drops should not use any properties related to the player, as they are not initiated by a player.



Natural generation can occur in all three Minecraft dimensions. Each dimensions has its own set of drops. To specify this, the natural generation file is divided into three sections: >surface, >nether and >end. Surface is the regular world, while the other two are the nether and end dimensions. The drops below each of these sections will only spawn in their respective dimension. If a section is committed or contains no drops, natural generation will not occur in the dimension.



The spawnrate of a drop determines how likely it is to spawn. Specifically, it means the drop has a one in spawnrate chance of spawning per chunk (16x16 block region). Therefore, higher spawnrates mean that the drop is less likely to occur. To specify the spawnrate of a drop, the @chance property is used. (See 5.2 Luck & Chance). Note that this usage of the chance property is not related to the regular usage in drops.txt, instead specifying the spawnrate of each drop. Also note that @luck has no effect.


Lastly, it should be considered that two drops with the same spawnrate will double the overall chance of generation. If a spawnrate of 1/200 (@chance=200) is desired, and there are two possible drops, it would be appropriate for each to have a spawnrate of 1/400 (@chance=400). Also, spawnrates should be much in the other two dimensions, due to the difficulty of navigating the nether and small size of the end.



In the regular world, this example will either spawn a good or bad structure. The total surface spawnrate is 1/200. In the nether and end, only single Lucky Blocks are spawned. Note the much higher spawnrates (1/35 and 1/25).

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