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2.4 Entities

2.4 Entities

The entity type is used to indicate that the Lucky Block will spawn and entity in the world when harvested. It can be specified by setting the type property to 'entity'.



Property Value Type Default Value Example Description
ID* text ID - type=entity,ID=Zombie Used to specify the ID of the entity that is being spawned. The ID is in the same format as in the /summon command, a full list can be found here.
NBTTag See 4. NBT Tags - type=item,ID=Pig,
Used to specify additional properties for the entity. A full list of entity NBT Tags can be found here.
All base properties See 2.1 Base Properties See 2.1 Base Properties See 2.1 Base Properties See 2.1 Base Properties

Note: Thrown egg entities do not have a registered ID in minecraft. However, you can still spawn them with the Lucky Block by setting the ID to 'ThrownEgg'.


Basic Examples


This will spawn a cow entity.


This will spawn a lightning bolt entity.


Name Examples

NBT Tag Format: NBTTag=(CustomName="text")


This will spawn a Zombie with the name Bob. CustomName specify the custom display name of the entity.

type=entity,ID=Ghast,NBTTag=(CustomName="$4Evil Ghast")

This will spawn a Ghast with the name 'Evil Ghast', in dark red. See 3.2 Hash Variables for more formatting information.

Equipment Examples

NBT Tag Format: NBTTag=(Equipment=[(id=integer,Damage=integer,tag=(...))(...)(...)(...)(...)])


This will spawn a Zombie Pigman holding a diamond sword (id=diamond_sword) and wearing a golden chestplate (id=golden_chestplate). Each tag in the Equipment tag list represents an item, in the order: held item, boots, leggings, chestplate, helmet. Tags can be left empty, as in the example. The format of the item is as follows. Alternatively, see here.

  • id* - The text ID of the item.
  • Damage - The damage value of the item.
  • tag - The NBT Tag of the item
  • (For more detail on the first three properties, see 2.2 Items)

Another example below, containing more equipment.

type=entity,ID=Skeleton,NBTTag=(Equipment=[(id=fishing_rod),(id=iron_boots),(id=chainmail_leggings), (id=leather_chestplate,tag=(display=(color=8339378))),(id=pumpkin)])

This will spawn a Skeleton with the following equipment:

  • Holding a fishing rod (id=fishing_rod)
  • Wearing iron boots (id=iron_boots)
  • Wearing chainmail leggings (id=chainmail_leggings)
  • Wearing a purple chestplate. The color is in standard integer RGB format, see here (in the 'Dec' tab) for Minecraft dye colors. (id=leather_chestplate,tag=(display=(color=8339378)))
  • Wearing a pumpkin on its head. (id=pumpkin)
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