Lucky Block Documentation


2. Drop Properties

The various functions the Lucky Block performs when harvested are hereafter referred to as 'drops'. The effects drops have on the world and player vary greatly depending on their 'type' and multiple other properties. All of these properties can be configured, and new drops can be added to the drops.txt file, where each drop occupies a separate line.


The 'type' property of every drop is the most important property, as it forms the base for all other properties. The 'type' of a drop specifies the type of function that is performed, whether it be dropping items, placing blocks, spawning entities or performing multiple other functions. The other properties that can be used with the drop, as well as their appropriate values, depend on the type of drop. Each drop can specify properties that are specific to the type of drop, as well generic properties that act in the same way on all types of drops, known as 'Base Properties'. Note that the order in which properties are specified typically does not matter, but the 'type' must be assigned first.

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