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3. Property Values

3. Property Values

All Lucky Block drop properties require a name and a value. There are a variety of values which properties support, the majority being numerical or textual. As well as this, hash variables can be used to replace a static value. Below is a table describing how to specify a value of each type.


Value Examples Description
integer 5, -7, 200 A basic numerical value. Can be positive or negative, and must be a whole number.
float 0.4, -180.0, -20F
400f, -9D, 30d
A numerical value representing a real (floating point) number. Can be specified by including a decimal point, or ending in a capital or lowercase 'F' or 'D'.
boolean (true/false) true, false A conditional value used for properties that can only be true or false.
string (text) lucky:lucky_block
"Hello, what is your name?"
A textual value used to represent IDs, messages and other properties. If the text contains special characters, or can be confused with any other value type, quotes are needed (more information below).
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