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5.1 Groups

Groups allow for a single drop to be perform multiple functions. Groups are simply a combination of multiple drops, all of which take place at the same time when the Lucky Block is harvested. The format for groups is below.


The above group will drop a diamond and spawn a pig. Drops within the group are separated by semicolons ';'. It is also possible to have groups within groups. Each drop will be performed in the order specified, though this is generally not relevant. It is also possible to limit the amount of drops a group will perform.


The number between the colons at the front of the group indicates that 2 drops will be chosen at random from the group. Each drop has an equal chance of being selected, and the same drop will never be selected twice. Lastly, it is possible to apply certain properties to every drop in the group.


This group contains iron ingots, gold ingots and diamonds. The property at the end of the group indicates that 5 of each item will be dropped. All comma separated properties at the end of a group will be applied to each element of the group. If a group contains a group within it, the properties will be applied to all elements of the inner group as well. Below is an example combining all group concepts.


The group will either spawn a Zombie, or drop 2 diamonds and 2 emeralds. The main group indicates that it will only select one drop, and the inner group applies an amount of 2 to both the diamonds and emeralds.

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