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6.2 Files


All files containing Lucky Block properties support comments. Comments allow for the user to add text explaining a section of the file. Comments begin with a slash and extend to the end of the line. Each comment must begin and end on its own line. Below is an example.



This example could be used in drops.txt. The /items and /entities lines are comments used to make the file more readable. Also note that empty lines may be used to further help divide the file, as is the case between the item and entity sections.


Explicit Line Joining

All files containing Lucky Block properties support explicit line joining. This is the ability to to divide a single line into multiple lines, but explicitly indicate that each part belongs to the same line. This is done when lines containing a large amount of text become difficult to understand, and would be easier to read if divided onto separate lines. Below is an example.

group(type=entity,ID=Zombie,amount=40,posOffset=#circleOffset(8,10); \
type=entity,ID=Creeper,amount=10,posOffset=#circleOffset(8,10); \
type=entity,ID=Skeleton,amount=30,posOffset=#circleOffset(8,10); \

This example could be used in drops.txt. It will spawn a large amount of zombies, creepers, skeletons and spiders. Each entity is listed on a separate line, making the example much clearer. Lines ending in \ indicate that the same line continues on to the line below, and therefore the final line should not end in \.

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