The Minecraft Challenges

Compete against the world.

With The Minecraft Challenges...

Play Challenges

Play fun challenges and try to get the highest score possible. With Block Jumping, Mob Arena, Archery and more to come, there’s a challenge for everyone.

Play Friends

Play challenges against your friends in multiplayer mode. Compete with each other for the highest score, and for a place on the global leader board.

Leader Board

Your scores are automatically uploaded to a global leader board. Do you have what it takes to be a Minecraft world champion?


Have you ever wanted to play Minecraft competitively? Beat your friends, or even the whole world, to show you are the Minecraft Master? This is your chance! The Minecraft Challenges brings competitive challenges into Minecraft. Show you are the best in Jump Challenges, Fighting Mobs and Archery to the whole world. Get to the top of the online leaderboards!


There are currently 3 challenges in this mod. More challenges will be coming soon in future updates.

The Minecraft Challenges is the first ever competitive Minecraft Mod.

- Minecraft User

Your Challenges...

Jump Challenge

Get to the end without falling off.

Mod Arena

Defeat mobs in an arena battle.


Shoot chickens falling from the sky.

King of the Hill

Be the last one standing.

The Minecraft Challenges


The Minecraft Challenges

Download The Minecraft Challenges mod, and competing in fun challenges.

Minecraft Forge

Download Minecraft Forge, required for the The Minecraft Challenges mod.


Download Minecraft from the official site, and enjoy using mods.

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