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Minecraft Ascending is a service designed for hosting popular, Minecraft related creations. This includes mods, maps, resourcepacks and more. We work together with the authors of these creations, providing professional web pages for their content. Our goal is to reward the hard working contributors of the Minecraft community. We will manage every web page and provide our partners with effortless management solutions. Contact us to sign up and receive more information at the address below.



Minecraft Ascending is designed to host popular Minecraft creations. We therefore only accept Minecraft-related creations with a minimum of 1000 downloads per day.



Safe and Reliable


Minecraft Ascending is a name you know you can trust. We provide our partners with information and updates regarding their creations, meeting all of their requirements. With our service, you are always in full control of your Minecraft creation.


Professional Management


With Minecraft Ascending, managing your creations has never been easier. We will design all of the required pages ourselves, accepting your valuable feedback and opinions should you wish to provide them. Updating your creations is a simple and virtually instant process; provide us with your new link and we will update your project site within 24 hours. We will even design a custom logo for your creation.


Established by Lucky Block Creator


Minecraft Ascending was established by the creator of the well known Lucky Block mod. Our service aims to provide the hard working creators of other Minecraft projects with the earnings they deserve. With years of experience in the Minecraft area, we provide you with the highest expertise.


Professional Website Design


Minecraft Ascending is designed by an experienced team of web developers. We plan to make our site as aesthetically pleasing as possible, and highly value your opinions. When users visit our site, they will know that they can feel safe and secure.


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